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Corbiere Enterprises is located on the M’Chigeeng First Nation, Manitoulin Island, Ontario Canada. The business is owned and operated by Rodney Corbiere, also of M’Chigeeng First Nation. Corbiere Enterprises operates various business activity under one roof, namely, Heavy Equipment Construction, Ready-Mix Concrete and delivery, On-Site Septic System Installer, Waste and Recycling Management, Motor Vehicle Inspection station and Snow plowing and removal. Corbiere Enterprises also developed a trailer park resort known as “North Channel View Trailer Park Resort situated along the lakeshore of West Bay in M’Chigeeng First Nation.


The business has been in operation for over 20 years and hosts various heavy equipment for operations along with a 5200 sq ft heated garage and two office spaces in MChigeeng and 2000 sq ft heated garage and office in Wikwemikong Unceded Indian Reserve. In addition, Corbiere Enterprises owns their own gravel and sand pit with a screener and crusher to supply the needs for his ready mix and construction operations.

Septic System Installer

Rodney Corbiere is a certified On-Site Sewage Installer and can engage in the business of constructing on site, installing, repairing, servicing, cleaning or emptying sewage systems. This has been big asset to the business and Rodney is highly knowledgeable with the municipalities and health unit requirements.

septic tank installation

Ready Mix Concrete
ready mix truck

In 2006 Corbiere Enterprises began in the ready mix industry and provide Manitoulin Island and surrounding areas with quality engineered concrete. The business has one ready mix plant in MChigeeng First Nation, central of Manitoulin Island and has 5 ready mix trucks for deliveries. The ready mix plant is open from May to November. We can provide you ready mix for your home improvement and residential needs from the footings, wall mix and basement floor. We are open weekends to on appointment only.

Waste Management

Corbiere Enterprises has been involved in waste and recycling management since 2009 and have been contracted by M’Chigeeng First Nation to design and develop a transfer station and recycling depot. Corbiere Enterprises continues to manage the waste and recycling for the community. The business has further bales cardboard and also provides a junk pick up and disposal for a fee.


Garage Business

In 2014 Corbiere Enterprises garage facilities was issued a licence from the Ministry of Transportation to operate a Motor Vehicle Inspection Station to inspect trailers and motor vehicles and has licensed technicians for Automotive Service and Truck and Coach.

Trailer Park Resort.

Rodney Corbiere has been developing Trailer Park Resort through the years and is near full completion. This new business is called North Channel View Trailer Park Resort and located along the lakeshore of West Bay in MChigeeng First Nation. The park is equipped with hydro and water hook up. The trailer park resort is continuing to develop and future buildings include an office, shower house and washer/dryer facilities. A harbour is being developed and completion should be by the end of May/June 2017. The resort is accepting yearly leases and many lakefront lots are still available. The resort is seasonal and closed during the winter months.

North Channel View